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Filling technology of cans filling machine

    Canned and sealed for the overall design, canned system power is provided by the sealing system to ensure absolute synchronization and coordination between the two. The use of imported frequency converter to adjust production speed, with pneumatic valve and screw control automatic under the cover, and can be equipped with remote computer control system to ensure that the customer's comprehensive technical support. To improve the vacuum inside the tank, according to customer requirements coupled with steam injection device. If the cylinder level is not stable, filling will occur when the filling volume is insufficient or blistering and so on, therefore, the stability of the control cylinder level, the normal filling is very important. The liquid level control device consists of reed pipe float level sensor, digital regulator, eccentric rotary valve (including the valve positioner) and other components. The liquid level in the cylinder is measured by the dry reed float liquid level sensor 1 and converted into 4 ~ 20mA current signal by the mercury rotary joint. To the digital regulator 3, the PID regulation, the output signal to the main inlet valve 4 electrical valve positioner to control the main inlet valve opening to achieve the purpose of controlling the filling tank level.

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