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The filling process of cans filling machine

Filling process: Filling valve filling machine is the implementation of the main body parts, and its function is based on the filling process requirements, the fastest speed to communicate with or cut off the tank, between the gas chamber and filling container Fluid flow of the channel to ensure the smooth filling process. Different types of liquid cans are different in their physical and chemical properties. Therefore, there are differences in the filling process requirements. Different filling methods are required for different filling processes. The current filling valve opening and closing structure of the general use of the following forms: by the bottle mechanism to control it can control the valve body The movable part of the axial movement of linear, therefore, for single-shift valve and multi-shift valve in the valve, can be used bottle-up institutions, to be up and down by the bottle to open and close, the mechanical multi-shift valve Liquid valve can also be used two-bottle mechanism to control the open bottle, this form without additional control mechanism, and to ensure that no bottle is not filling, but in the multi-shift valve, the following bottles by the institutions First open at the top of the valve, the structure still need to be carefully designed. By the fixed stop control it can control the movable part of the valve body to produce swing swing or radial, axial linear movement, therefore, the rotary valve are generally used to fill the carousel of the carousel next to the fixed track to control the valve block For the pressure of the single-shift valve can also be used to control the fixed stop; for multi-shift valve in the pressure release radial radial movement of the valve, but also to use a fixed baffle to control. In order to prevent non-bottle valve is still open when the leakage occurs, and sometimes need to use another pneumatic, electric or mechanical self-control method; a bottle but no bottle, the fixed stop on the corresponding filling valve out of control , To avoid the phenomenon of leakage. Filling machine basic process: bottled filling machine with rotary structure. The bottle is fed into the machine by the conveyor belt; the bottle-feeding screw separates the bottle flow according to a certain interval (distance separating mechanism); the bottle-feeding star-wheel transfers the bottle to the carrier of the loading-machine movement The bottle is positioned under the filling mechanism; after two evacuation and precompression operations. Cans filling machine filling form: the first quantitative filling. At present, a large number of liquid filling valve is used in the final stage of filling through the fixed level (liquid level sensor or exhaust pipe) indirect quantitative metering, such filling commonly used in gas beverage packaging (pressure filling). Filling after the first quantitative. Volume filling valve, that is, each filling valve is equipped with a graduated cylinder (quantitative cylinder), the liquid level sensor (float type or probe type) to control its quantitative, liquid cylinder first transferred to the quantitative cylinder metering, and then Reperfusion into the packaging. Such filling for non-gas beverages and PET packaging. Edge quantitative filling. This is an electronic valve filling machine equipped with an electromagnetic induction flowmeter, which is a dynamic metering and quantitative form, and an electromagnetic flowmeter is used for dynamic metering of the liquid flowing through the valve.

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