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These Feet Are Made For Walking

Feet.  Take care of them, as they take care of you.

What happens when we don’t pay attention to our bodies?  They fail us.  We constantly hear: workout, eat right, wear sunscreen…but honestly, we rarely hear anything in the news about feet care.  Well, it’s not a sexy topic…and many feet, ok, all feet just aren’t sexy.  But boy do they take us places!

If you know Harrison’s, you know we pride ourselves on stylish AND comfortable shoes.  Gone are the days where comfort meant ugly, clunky things.  So many brands, colors, styles – ohlala!  Get on the bandwagon!  But remember, let us measure your feet each time, as we age, our foot width can increase!

But let’s talk beyond the shoe, because we all know that there’s more to it-

To improve circulation; stretch regularly, walk, raise your feet up, give your feet a warm bath, and massage them (like you need an excuse to get a massage!).

Fungus among us: happens when feet are in a wet, dark environment.  Wear those flipper-floppers when in a gym bathroom, etc.  And remember to dust those tooties with anti-fungal powder daily (or more!). Socks with 70% cotton or wool are best to wick the moisture away.  And in hot weather, try to wear open-toed shoes!

Have a problem with dry feet?  Use lotion every day, preferably with lanolin or petroleum jelly to soften.  And pedicures will get rid of the hard skin!  That’s a treat in itself!

Ingrown toenails: soaking and cutting away the nail that is biting into the skin can sometimes work.  If the problem does not clear up, or gets worse, you will need to visit the doc!  And do not let it go on, as an infection could set in.  To prevent this issue, it’s advised to cut toenails straight across and level with the top of the toe.

Now, for the real painful issues: Corns and calluses!  These come from rubbing, as we all know.  There are over-the-counter meds to help, but if these are persistent problems, we suggest seeing a physician.  As for bunions, they are not only unsightly, they are extremely painful, and worsen with age.  Causes range from inherited weakness in the toe, to ill-fitting shoes, which push the joint out of line.  Ultimately, you’ll need surgery to fix those, if they continue to get worse.   The hammertoe (not hammertime!) enlarges when the joint enlarges and stiffens, shortening the tendons that control the movement…resulting in constant rubbing.  Ouch. Treat this by wearing shoes and stockings that have plenty of toe room.  And finally, the calcium growths that can develop on the bones of the feet are caused by muscle strain, irritated by standing for long periods of time, and wearing badly fitting shoes.  Get proper foot support in your shoe, use heel pads and cups, to help relieve some of the pain.

So take care of those feet of yours!  And enjoy the places they take you this summer!

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