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A Note From Chris

When choosing which athletic brands to carry in your store, what factors do you take into consideration?

We choose the athletic product based on a number of factors.  Function, Fit and Ingredients are key elements of the product that we seek out. 

The product must always function at a high level for whatever its intended purpose may be.  We tend to purchase the known tried and true established product from Brooks and New Balance.  These products have been around for years.  And while the companies have made slight improvements to the product, they've kept true to the items core intended us as a highly functional runner, walker or hiking shoe.  

Fit really matters, we're looking for a variety of options to offer our customers who all have a bit of a different foot shape; from wide in the forefoot and a super narrow heel to super high arches with tendency to roll out on their shoes.  We look for the products which are made with the most advanced gel technology, as well as with foam materials that don't break down quickly thus creating a greater value as the shoe lasts longer than similar looking items. Ingredients really are the core of what makes our product better for you.  Better gel, better foam, sweat wicking liners, soft uppers with minimal seams are all considered when we purchase merchandise for our customers. 


May 2016



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