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Shoes for Walking

Why do we love Wolky?

  • Colors, and lots of it. Many other brands are strictly black and brown.
  • Wolky makes fantastic walking sandals, some of them with removable cork foot-beds layered with memory foam and leather on top.
  • Wolky is family owned. Chase started the company out of his dress ship in Holland and it is now a small worldwide brand. His son, Anthony, is slowly taking over and is now in charge of product for Europe and US.
  • Chase and I have had dinner several times together, always great company.
  • They treat their employees like family... I’ve witnessed this and it is amazing.
  • Wolky makes possibly the toughest durable product we carry (in general). The product is made for walking and lots of it!
  • Most Wolky product sold in US is produced in Guadalajara, Mexico where they own their own factory.  This is important because they control all phases of the shoe giving them a hands on approach to all aspects of the shoe and allows them to react to product needs quickly as certain products become hot sellers and they run out in the stores.  NOTE: I play poker in Vegas with the guy in charge of the factory- his name is Sander and he is very funny and obnoxious.

We love the product because Wolky makes sound, thoughtful, anatomically correct products.  This gives the lady traveling, or working all day, the comfort and look she wants, to both feel good walking and feel great about how she looks in her shoes or sandals.

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