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Fall Trails

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“If you see me passed out on the trail, pause my Garmin.”  ~Unknown

 Fall is officially here.  While some trees are bare, others show the orange, red, brown hues distinct to the chill in the air.  For many, this is the best time of year to run, trail run, to be precise.

Getting out on the trail; the cold, crisp air in your lungs, the peace nature provides, the only sound being your shoes hitting the dirt, your heart pounding, and maybe a bird or two cheering you on.  Have you had the pleasure?  Maybe not?

Did you know: trail running is easier on your body?  With less impact, your joints will thank you.  Trail running also works in a wider range of muscles.  Other benefits include fresh air, which is great for your lungs and brain, it can be less stressful – less noise and interruptions, it breaks up the monotony of your daily run, and as studies are showing, time in nature is good for your brain.

Don’t take our word for it, get out and give it a try.  Our area provides some of the best trails to run, and if you are looking for a great resource, check out the North Kitsap Trails org website:

If your experience on the trails is less than expert, we’ve got a few suggestions when planning to get out there.  First – plan ahead.  Map out your run, do your research.  Pack your water, a cell phone, and some energy bars, just in case. Wear the appropriate dress for the space and the day, and if heading out for a long run, maybe bring an extra pair of socks. Acclimate yourself, start with a flat surface and work up to the hills.  And be advised: pay attention to your body.  Incorporating cross training is essential for injury protection, as is warming up pre-run (dynamic stretching and a warm-up walk).  Eat an hour prior to your run and don’t forget the recovery meal up to 45 minutes after that run.

Running outdoors can be amazing, listening to nature.  But sometimes we need a little motivation, and tunes can be just the thing.  Find your beat and get out there.

“Consider this practice for when zombies chase you.” ~Unknown

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