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A Winter Escape to Pike Place Market

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Travel tip! This year has been a very busy one for my wife and I.  We have a newish 13 month old girl,  and along with both working full time and remodeling projects around the house we have had zero “date” time together. We both really enjoy Pike Place Market, but the spring and summer months instill the desire for seemingly *everyone* to visit Pike Place. Might I suggest visiting during the winter? Ahhh, so relaxing and peaceful!

Pike Place Market

Wearing coats and beanies we hopped on the ferry around 10:30 and spoiled ourselves with a very early beer.  Nice to get a little loose prior to hoofing it up the 1st Ave route where we enjoyed a few small shops and the typical big city people watching along the way.

The crowd size reminded me of the old days (to me those are the 90s :)  Pike Place was walkable without shoulder to shoulder squeezing and bumping and face to face contact.  We were able to look over every last booth and business and left with fresh salsa, mustard and hot sauce. I nearly splurged on a key loop thing but couldn’t quite pull the trigger.  We decided to eat at a place called Matt's in the Market, fun food and drinks with a fantastic view of the market sign and tourists taking photos etc.   

Take the time, drop a few projects and enjoy Seattle.  People love living here for a reason and I’d say they’re on to our secret, we need to enjoy our discovered secret also.  Just make sure you put on a pair of comfy shoes and a proper coat for the day.

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