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Chris' Favorite Winter Shoe

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The question, “What’s your favorite shoe?” comes up quite often.  Of course, foot shape, weight, the potential use of the product and thickness of socks all go into this equation when we’re suggesting these items to customers.  Personally, I mix it up, depending on the day, weather and activity.  This without question goes back to Kevin’s piece of advice, changing up the shoe is good for your feet, body and for your shoes!

The Teva Riva is my most functional best shoe if I had to walk to work in the rain and or snow these would hands down be my choice.  I like the soft leather upper and wider forefoot, however, the most excellent feature of this product versus others similar is the outsole by Vibram chosen for this boot – it’s very slip resistant.

Dunham Litchfield is a favorite slip-on, waterproof and is an easy and dressy enough shoe to wear with Khakis as a “Northwest” dress shoe. (Available in Narrow to XW).

My favorite day off work around the house in the fall/winter shoe would without question be my Blundstone brown boots with an Aetrex insole added for cushion and support these are very durable and I’ve never had wet feet in them although they don’t claim to be waterproof.

And finally, my favorite most comfy house shoe is a Haflinger Flynn which is no longer imported to the states so I bought 2 pairs, I’m looking to buy another Haflinger Grizzly which is the cork bottom slipper and offers substantially more support than even most shoes offer.

And as I finish this up, I’m sittin’ comfy in my Haflingers in front of the fire at Kathy’s house!

Stay Warm and have a very Merry Christmas and Holiday Season.


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