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Dealing with Neuropathy? There are a few things you can do to help relieve some of the pain…

Chris here. 

Did you know that over 20 million people suffer from the pain of Neuropathy?  That is a significant number.  I thought it would be an important subject to discuss…

At Harrison’s, we see our fair share of people dealing with the pain of Neuropathy, daily.  There are several factors which bring about Neuropathy including diabetes, chemo treatment and just bad luck.  Regardless of the cause, the resulting pain can range from annoying burning and tingling, to very severe and constant pain.  For those dealing with this issue, care and treatment should be handled by a doctor and specialists.  Typically, symptoms are persistent but can be minimalized.  Many seek additional help including:

  • Vitamins and pain medications
  • TENS therapy method
  • Massage Therapy, combined with soaking
  • Acupuncture
  • Physical Therapy

When in severe pain many folks will try nearly any approach to help.  Almost daily somebody groans to me “don’t get old,” however “getting old” is a major long-term goal of mine. 

When we help those with Neuropathy in my store we focus on a few key elements when fitting customers:

  • We always measure their feet – this gives us a good base idea of their foot size and shape
  • We ask many questions regarding the symptoms and their severity
  • We recommend specialty socks which have seems on the outside of the sock or no seems at all (seems can enhance and increase their symptoms dramatically)
  • We focus on keeping a lot of space in the shoe while trying to maintain a good fit around the ankle
  • We try like the dickens to keep toes away from the end of the shoe most of the time (clogs and slip-on style shoes are a wrong choice)
  • Quality ingredients- breathable and soft supple leather are essential. We want to wick moisture away from the foot and keep their feet as dry as possible

As time goes on life gets better for those with issues including Neuropathy.  In just five years I’ve seen dramatically higher quality socks released, as well as somewhat stylish socks for both men and women.  No more of that dorky nude color or dull black as the only two options.  Comfort shoes have also enhanced their appearances over the past few years, and the increased options from Europe use higher quality leathers and support features- things are looking up for our foot ailments.

Thanks for reading,


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