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Here’s Why Arch Support Is So Important

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We’re really digging into Fall now –

My previous piece in our newsletter got me thinking about arches and arch support.  And of course, as I’m thinking about this, we've had a few of our customers come in with questions on the various types of shoes we would recommend to help with their arch pain.

Spend any time in a flip-flop (well, maybe not right now!) …or a ballet flat, and you’ll know why arch support can be a big deal.  Flat shoes wreak havoc on your body, creating misalignment that causes pain all over.  I know if I wear flat men’s shoes for too many days or hours in a row, without arch support, I feel the ache in my knees and lower back as well as my neck.

Did you know that our feet bear 200,000+ lbs of stress for every mile we walk?  Multiple arches support our weight over the space of the foot which assist our tendons, ligaments, and muscles to function as a spring giving us natural shock absorbers and energy return for a better stride.  That’s a lot for those feet of yours to handle!  Everyone’s arch is different, from high arches to flat feet and between.   Arches typically change over time; with age and with medical conditions, even childbirth.  That’s the kicker – the type of shoe that worked for you in your teens, may not work now. Improper support of your feet can lead to inactivity or worse, disability and excessive couch time.

With so many options out there, it is definitely hard to know where to go, or which product to purchase.  That’s where my team at Harrison’s can help, with our extensive knowledge, and years of working in the business of comfy shoes, we know a thing or two and can guide you towards a happy stride.  Many of the shoes we carry can specifically treat certain foot issues and will help you get through a long day at work or on a fun vacation where walking and moving is a must.

Cheers to happy arches…and feet!



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