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customer service employees training

1st, we always start with a nice person, one who generally cares about others -whether at work or at a grocery store.
We then introduce our new employee to our computer system and try to give them a general understanding of how our other systems function. E.g. Special ordering products from individual brands, how quickly they all ship and where they ship from.  Some of them are shipping from Europe or New Zealand on a weekly basis, while others ship from as close as Sumner, WA.


Unpacking and organizing freight becomes important. We receive daily shipments from Fed-Ex, UPS and USPS. 


We run through stockroom organization and the layout of the stockroom.  Organized with like products in mind (athletic together, hiking together, Men’s dress shoes together etc.

Most importantly we focus on taking care of our customers and our relationship with our customers. Getting to know our customers, to appreciate and strive for a family type atmosphere. With our core goals of making a profit, being buddies with our customers, and getting along with each other as co -workers, is very important.

After the employee has a core understanding of the stockroom, the POS systems, the European and American size systems, and how the shoes are best used, we begin training them on the sales floor. We teach them to listen to what the customer is saying and to ask questions.  This should get the customer in a better shoe, based on our understanding of what they think they need vs. what they actually want and need, from a functional and fashionable standpoint.  Many of our customers are in our store to fill a need; a referral from a doctor or they may need a fashionable shoe to walk through Europe. We have great product, some of the best shoes in the world.  However, listening and placing our customers in the correct product for them makes our product truly great for them.


A lot goes into being a great salesperson here. Just getting through all of the nuances of working a new job can take time.  Not to mention, we carry hundreds of styles of shoes from over 15 different countries, all of which fit and perform unique duties.  Becoming great at this job can and does take years. 


We are very, very blessed to have Kevin and Deborah who have worked here a combined 15 years now! New to the store is Rob, who worked locally for a couple of years at Central Market.  He is learning the job and, as frustrating as it can be to be the new guy, Rob is doing a great job of raising his standards for customer service. He is enhancing his understanding of what we expect and strive for, regarding the customer experience in our store, as well as developing a wealth of product knowledge.  All of which should enhance both his growth within our store as well as our customer’s experience within our store.


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