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Know how your shoes should fit

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A proper shoe fit. That’s for the experts, right?

Well, yes, partly.  We know how the shoe ought to fit, feel, and what “should” be your correct size.  But, there is so much more to a shoe and getting it to work for you.  Being that every foot has a unique shape, and with all the new terminology out there regarding cushion, support, stability, and the trendy marketing tech terms which align with those terminologies can mean so many different things to so many different people.  For these reasons, walking into a store like ours with the know-how behind the product will only enhance your probability of finding the right product to match your needs.

Try to understand your foot issues and the dilemmas which go along with those issues.  Ask yourself if giving up just a bit of fashion to reach an elevated level of function would be worth reaching a higher level of comfort in your shoe.  We can attest that most everyone’s feet are unique, with different pains, stiffness, cramps, bumps, and lumps etc.  That’s why we’ll sometimes quiz you a bit when you’re choosing a product in our store.  Let us know the primary use of the product and any minor or major issues you’ve had with your feet, ankles etc. this is very helpful and can be essential in getting you into the correct shoe.

We think that a proper foot measurement should always be a part of your routine when purchasing any shoe.  We prefer to measure both feet in order to determine your size as well as to see the big picture with your feet, ankles etc.  All of our brands fit or “run” differently and the styles within the brands do not fit the same either.  Brooks as an example makes around 20 styles of running shoes, I’d guess that most customers could wear around 3 to 5 different sizes in the same brand!


The fit of the shoe should feel close to great right away without excessive rubbing or pressure and with extra room to wiggle your toes, often times there will be a minor tight spot that we can stretch or soften in an area but most of our customers know it when they’ve found the shoe that fits their feet and purpose.

Hopefully, this helps give an understanding of how we work together in finding you a fun, useful product that makes you and your feet happy!



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