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Man Skills

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Men often don’t enjoy shopping.

I can totally relate.  Most of the time, the men that visit Harrison’s know what they are looking for, and purchase that and only that. 

But many times, it is when a husband and wife arrive together, you can see the impatience rising.  That’s when I bring out the big guns:


You never know when you might need to know “How to Give a Dog the Heimlich Maneuver” or “How to Conceal a Panniculus.”  There may be a time you need to figure out “How to Wrestle Free from an Alligator.”  And even more importantly, “How to Survive Dropping a Cell Phone in the Toilet.”

All these important Man Skills (and more) we provide to you, in store! 

Never again will you hurry your wife to try on those 10 pairs of shoes.  Take your time, you’ll say!

You Are Welcome.



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