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Men's House Shoe

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What is a men’s house shoe? 
Honestly, it’s just a different term for the slipper.  But here’s the thing, we get many men coming through our doors for a House Shoe.  These house-shoes run a dual purpose…yes, it is nice in the winter to keep your feet warm, but more than that, many individuals need the arch support even when just tooling around in their homes or garage.  If you’re retired this product is very, very important as it may well be the shoe you wear the majority of the day.
Men want the “House Shoe” to be multi-purpose.  This shoe must be comfy and relaxing while being burly and tough enough to walk outside and water the lawn, fetch wood for the fire and check the mail. While we sell many of our German wool clogs, some of the fellas just like a good leather slip-on or clog.  Believe it or not, these are a difficult product for us to find from our vendors.  We need correct tread and quality leather and most importantly the fit must be secure but not overly secure as they won’t feel relaxed.
**From Haflinger Website
Even if one doesn’t experience pain yet, arch supports can help prevent the collapse of the arches, helping prevent future problems.  Commonly we receive referrals from doctors who send us their patients for “quality” footwear which usually will fix their aches and pains, and while a proper supportive shoe is key in fixing your issues, the house shoe is just as relevant due to time spent in the product.
Cheers to house shoes!

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