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Race Season is here

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While there isn’t an official race season, per-se, runs around the Country are ramping up.  Races are big-business.

Maybe you run a 5k at best, or maybe you prefer the half-marathons.  Either way, choosing the clothing that will be the most comfortable to run in, for wicking sweat, movement, and posibly peeling off when too many layers have been worn, choosing the right sock, and choosing the best shoe will make all the difference in how you train and ultimately race.

Now, we may not be the experts in the clothing part, but we at Harrison’s can tell you a thing or two about the sock and shoe.  Wading through the mountains of sock and shoe brands can be daunting.  And each person’s foot needs something different in a shoe.

Have you tried Wrightsock? Why do we carry this brand? These socks are a lightweight double-layered sock- perfect for performance and enhancing air flow for cooler feet.  With a guarantee that the runner won’t get a blister makes these one of the best-selling socks.

Now, at Harrison’s we have a range of running shoes- a few of our best sellers are the Brooks and New Balance, and now our new brand, Hoka. Some prefer the lightweight shoes while others require more support for their feet and ankles.  What we look at when fitting the shoe to the customers are:

  • Toe Length  - there should be some space between the end of the shoe and your toe.  Remember, feet swell.
  • Toe Width – if you don’t leave a little wiggle-room, there may be some blisters in your future.
  • Arch – should fit to the shape of your foot.  At times an insert added to the shoe is necessary.
  • Heels – it’s important that the runner’s heel is held in place.
  • Firm vs Cusion – this will depend on the runner, injuries, etc.
  • Tread – this may be important for running street vs trail

 We want your feet to feel good and stay healthy.  It’s never a good idea to buy a running shoe online –e never assum your size, even if it is the same shoe you’ve always used.  Feet change over time, so always get an experts help to keep you safe from injury.

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