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Shopping for shoes with wide feet

Looking for the right pair of great shoes in a size wide? 

Look for soft, moldable material.  Softer leathers will be more forgiving and form to your foot at a quicker pace than thicker stiff leathers.   For more help, we have sprays and stretchers that will help soften and form the material to your unique foot at a quicker and more tailored manner.   A stiffer leather can be more durable but just takes a bit more softening, we commonly soften shoes for our customers, so don’t be afraid to ask if a shoe is just a bit too tight and we can make that go away!

Go with a shoe with only one or two straps, too many can confine wider feet and the additional edges on the added straps are potentially going to dig into your feet.  Two straps equal 4 edges, 6 straps have 12 edges… get it.

Look for adjustable shoes, mary-janes, sandals and lace shoes.  All adjust which give you a better fit and you’re less likely to feel confined or too loose in those products.


Heels and toes:  steer towards the wider toe box for room, pointy will hurt.  And if you want a heel, a broader heel will be of more support laterally.

Get to know our brands they all offer something great and many of them specialize in a certain category of product whether it be cushion, leather or support etc.

You will always need to break in a shoe, our goal is to make that process simple, easy and as quick as possible. 

Pain and suffering no more!


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