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Blundstone Talk

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If you haven’t tried a pair of Blundstone (referred to as Blunnies by many tried and true owners), you really should, they have gained immense popularity in the States (and around the world) for a reason. Born in 1870 in Tasmania, these rough and tough boots are made from the best materials.  They are committed to sustainable development and maximize the use of recycled and recyclable materials.  Any search online will bring up many, many reviews of fan’s experiences with their Blunnies.  These boots will do the work, take a beating, and keep on working! “We sold a pair to...

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Walkin' the Dog

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Believe it or not, within a 2-hour drive we have hundreds of great hiking trails and beaches on two different peninsulas and now that summer season is over we can reclaim our trails from the hordes of tourists. Guess you who loves to hike and hang out at the beach more than me?  My best dog buddy Grover!  Do you take your pup on your hikes?  What are your favorite places?  Before we head out, we always check out either the Washington Trails Association website and or a great local hike book which includes dog hikes titled Urban Trails Kitsap. ...

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Why wear Merrell as an everyday shoe?

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Hey!  Chris here - Happy New Year! Over the holiday’s my family and I were out and about, enjoying some outdoor stuff – you know, the typical NW weekend warrior type stuff.  Hiking, running, climbing mountains…just kidding about that last part.  But, me being in the shoe businesses, I naturally look at what people wear…all the time, what they wear to work, out walking, on the ferry, etc. Of course, styles vary from state to state and region to region. The thing about our NW lifestyle, is we are all about comfort.  Yes, most of us care about a good-looking...

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Hiking the Silver Lakes Trails

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Have you experienced the Silver Lakes Trails? Amazing, right? Honestly, if you haven’t, I HIGHLY recommend it!  Sterling and I made the trek out there a few weeks back, during a brief period in which the sun decided to peek out. The switchback trails and commanding views did not disappoint.  Though, I would suggest that you wear a good hiking boot…wore my Merrell mid-ankle boots.  Best to protect ankles from rolling along the trails.    Here’s me – ok, it was a little cloudy! This 11-mile hike was a perfect day hike, although we are thinking we will head back...

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Hiking by Merrell

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What's inside a hiking shoe? Merrell's blog post on the subject enlightens us with some important feature information. Questions about boots for your hike? Merrell walks us through not only the features, materials, and construction, but proper fit as well. "Merrell is known for footwear that fits right out of the box. Make sure your shoes or boots fit at the time of purchase. You will want a snug fit across the arch of your foot & in the heel and room in the toe box. Here are some things to look for when finding the right fit for your shoe...

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