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Blundstone Talk

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If you haven’t tried a pair of Blundstone (referred to as Blunnies by many tried and true owners), you really should, they have gained immense popularity in the States (and around the world) for a reason. Born in 1870 in Tasmania, these rough and tough boots are made from the best materials.  They are committed to sustainable development and maximize the use of recycled and recyclable materials.  Any search online will bring up many, many reviews of fan’s experiences with their Blunnies.  These boots will do the work, take a beating, and keep on working! “We sold a pair to...

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It's Our Anniversary!

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Crazy – this June marks Harrison’s 12th year in Poulsbo!  This anniversary brings us to a total Family Ownership of shoe stores to 32+ years. It’s hard to believe that this much time has passed! A bit of Harrison’s History: My Father, Jon Harrison opened the 1st Harrisons in 1984, with a partner, located in Seattle.  His career path uniquely took him through most job avenues of the shoe industry including Sales Rep and Shoe Buyer for Nordstrom back in their glory days of shoe dominance.  As you may guess I learned quite a bit from him, particularly being partially...

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The History of Birkenstocks

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Birkenstocks. They’ve been around for years.Since 1774 to be exact. Birks are built with the same quality as they were back in the beginning. These gems came to the US in 1966. Eventually, they made it into the natural food stores, before the specialty stores began selling them in the 70’s. Made popular by the more unconventional dresser, they’ve grown into the standard of comfort for many generations and paired with styles across the board.   • In 1988 the company began using their environmentally-friendly adhesives.• In 1990 they modernized to reduce energy consumption by over 90%. • And last...

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