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Men's House Shoe

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What is a men’s house shoe?  Honestly, it’s just a different term for the slipper.  But here’s the thing, we get many men coming through our doors for a House Shoe.  These house-shoes run a dual purpose…yes, it is nice in the winter to keep your feet warm, but more than that, many individuals need the arch support even when just tooling around in their homes or garage.  If you’re retired this product is very, very important as it may well be the shoe you wear the majority of the day. Men want the “House Shoe” to be multi-purpose.  This...

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Gift Giving Ideas for Him and Her

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At Harrison’s we love to help! We do! And it shows in the care we take to ensure our customers get what they need. So, in that spirit, guys and gals, I’ve put together a fantastic list… to help you in your shopping endeavors this season. Fantastic ideas for HIM: Fantastic ideas for HER: Happy shopping! Chris

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