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Men's House Shoe

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What is a men’s house shoe?  Honestly, it’s just a different term for the slipper.  But here’s the thing, we get many men coming through our doors for a House Shoe.  These house-shoes run a dual purpose…yes, it is nice in the winter to keep your feet warm, but more than that, many individuals need the arch support even when just tooling around in their homes or garage.  If you’re retired this product is very, very important as it may well be the shoe you wear the majority of the day. Men want the “House Shoe” to be multi-purpose.  This...

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Race Season is here

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While there isn’t an official race season, per-se, runs around the Country are ramping up.  Races are big-business. Maybe you run a 5k at best, or maybe you prefer the half-marathons.  Either way, choosing the clothing that will be the most comfortable to run in, for wicking sweat, movement, and posibly peeling off when too many layers have been worn, choosing the right sock, and choosing the best shoe will make all the difference in how you train and ultimately race. Now, we may not be the experts in the clothing part, but we at Harrison’s can tell you a...

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When to replace your shoes

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Quite often I get the question: “When should I replace my shoes?” More worrisome is NOT asking that question.  There are many, many out there that wear their shoes down to the point of risking hurting themselves. So, for the sake of your foot health…and safety, here are some ways to see if your shoe is past it’s prime: Hold the shoe on both the front and back part of the shoe and twist. If the shoe twists easily the support is likely worn.  Hold the shoes on both the back of the shoe and middle to ball of the...

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What is a shoe collection, and why do you need one?

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Hello friends, My name is Kevin, and I am the store manager at Harrison’s Footwear, in Poulsbo.  In nine years of service, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many thousands of you and your feet.  Every experience has taught me something about people, their feet and their relationship with shoes.  One of the best parts of my job is sharing this experience with those who want to preserve their feet by making good choices about footwear.  That said, the best choice anyone can make about footwear is to think in terms of a collection. Why a collection? Because wearing...

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Customer testimonial: “I feel like a new person!”

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One of the best parts of this job is hearing success stories from customers who have feet issues. This story of one of our favorite customers stands out:  She has been dealing with arch pain for some time now.  After listening to what she has been going through, we recommended an over the counter arch support.  Superfeet is a great add in for many and fit into most shoes, making it easy to trade them out depending on which shoe you are wearing.  Another great option is the Powerstep Pinnacle supports.                  Some...

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