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Pairings.  We love pairings…chocolate and wine, turkey and gravy, a great pair of shoes with the right outfit. I could go on, but you get where I’m going with this.  We are in the business of feet and comfort.  And while some things pair because they look great or feel right, there are many pairings, in our world, that go together because it’s best for the foot and your walking experience.  Pikolinos Santorini – Women, it’s just like being in Italy! Premium leather uppers with a round, capped toe. Center goring and an elasticized heel provide an easy on-and-off. Soft...

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Race Season is here

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While there isn’t an official race season, per-se, runs around the Country are ramping up.  Races are big-business. Maybe you run a 5k at best, or maybe you prefer the half-marathons.  Either way, choosing the clothing that will be the most comfortable to run in, for wicking sweat, movement, and posibly peeling off when too many layers have been worn, choosing the right sock, and choosing the best shoe will make all the difference in how you train and ultimately race. Now, we may not be the experts in the clothing part, but we at Harrison’s can tell you a...

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Know how your shoes should fit

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A proper shoe fit. That’s for the experts, right? Well, yes, partly.  We know how the shoe ought to fit, feel, and what “should” be your correct size.  But, there is so much more to a shoe and getting it to work for you.  Being that every foot has a unique shape, and with all the new terminology out there regarding cushion, support, stability, and the trendy marketing tech terms which align with those terminologies can mean so many different things to so many different people.  For these reasons, walking into a store like ours with the know-how behind the...

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Chris' Favorite Winter Shoe

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The question, “What’s your favorite shoe?” comes up quite often.  Of course, foot shape, weight, the potential use of the product and thickness of socks all go into this equation when we’re suggesting these items to customers.  Personally, I mix it up, depending on the day, weather and activity.  This without question goes back to Kevin’s piece of advice, changing up the shoe is good for your feet, body and for your shoes! The Teva Riva is my most functional best shoe if I had to walk to work in the rain and or snow these would hands down be...

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Man Skills

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Men often don’t enjoy shopping. I can totally relate.  Most of the time, the men that visit Harrison’s know what they are looking for, and purchase that and only that.  But many times, it is when a husband and wife arrive together, you can see the impatience rising.  That’s when I bring out the big guns: Men!  You never know when you might need to know “How to Give a Dog the Heimlich Maneuver” or “How to Conceal a Panniculus.”  There may be a time you need to figure out “How to Wrestle Free from an Alligator.”  And even more...

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