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Yes, You Are Allowed to Wear Running Shoes Even if You Aren't a Runner!

running shoes walking

Did you know running shoes are possibly our top selling product group in our store?  And yet...we sell very few of these to actual runners. For many of our customers, the best walking shoe is a high-quality running shoe.  The running shoe effectively works to guide the foot through its stride in a neutral manner spreading the weight load and pressure evenly along the foot. Running shoes are distinct in comparison to other shoes in that they create a rocker motion in the front of the shoe which creates an easier transition through the end of the stride. Running shoes...

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Walkin' the Dog

dogs hiking lifestyle trails walking

Believe it or not, within a 2-hour drive we have hundreds of great hiking trails and beaches on two different peninsulas and now that summer season is over we can reclaim our trails from the hordes of tourists. Guess you who loves to hike and hang out at the beach more than me?  My best dog buddy Grover!  Do you take your pup on your hikes?  What are your favorite places?  Before we head out, we always check out either the Washington Trails Association website and or a great local hike book which includes dog hikes titled Urban Trails Kitsap. ...

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