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Taking care of your suede shoes...

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Suede is everywhere this Fall.  And what you may not know is that there are specific ways of taking care of it… you don’t need to be scared - of suede.  Suede is your friend, suede is soft, suede is supple, and suede adds depth and character to your shoe.  It’s kinda’ nice to own shoes made with different leathers, leathers which are not smooth – step out of the norm.

Pikolinos Irun for men

1st of all let’s address the difference between suede and nubuck.  Suede is a piece of leather which was split in half thus giving the leather a rougher and more textured surface.  When making nubuck the manufacturer takes a sheet of leather and lightly sands the leather to create the finish. 

Olukai Nohea Nubuk for women

A great starting point for protection, apply waterproof spray when you get your product home.  Many of our suede shoes actually arrive pre-treated from the factory including the ever popular Pikolinos shoes and boots.

Mud?  Fear not, let the mud dry, wipe of with a clean, dry cloth.  Then lightly brush the suede to bring the proper knap of the leather back.

Wet?  Let the shoes dry, but should there be stains, wash your shoes then brush them.

Merrell Encore Ice for women


Stains?  Use a suede eraser, looks just like an eraser.  Or try a stiff brush on the stain.  I’ve personally never had a serious stain on my suede shoes, but I can imagine certain foods and drink such as wine or red sauce will pose a cleaning challenge.  Typically, I’ll just wipe and let dry followed by rubbing the knap back and forth with my hand (I like to keep things simple if possible.)  Of course, all stains are not equal, and I’m pretty good about wearing my shoes for their intended purpose – thus I wouldn’t wear my suede Pikolinos tromping through the woods.

Pikolinos Baqueira for women

For “proper” treatment of full suede shoes, we recommend using a brush specifically for suede.  Brush gently with even pressure in both directions.

Short suede - use a firm brush.  The longer the suede, the softer the brush.

Nubuck, often confused with suede– use a nubuck block.

Remember to re-apply your protective spray after each cleaning.

Don’t be scared to wear your suede in the Fall and Winter.  Show off those beauties all year long! 

Naot Love for women




See, we told you suede was everywhere!  A ton to choose from.

See ya soon,



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