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The History of Birkenstocks

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They’ve been around for years.

Since 1774 to be exact. Birks are built with the same quality as they were back in the beginning.

These gems came to the US in 1966. Eventually, they made it into the natural food stores, before the specialty stores began selling them in the 70’s.

Made popular by the more unconventional dresser, they’ve grown into the standard of comfort for many generations and paired with styles across the board.

• In 1988 the company began using their environmentally-friendly adhesives.
• In 1990 they modernized to reduce energy consumption by over 90%.
• And last year Birkenstock celebrated their 50th year in the United States.

Haven’t tried a pair? Well, now is as good a time as any! Here are a few reasons the footbeds are so comfy, and so many people love them:

  1. More Toe Room
  2. Allows toes to move naturally, which promotes better balance and overall toe health.
  3. Raised Toe Bar
  4. Encourages the natural gripping motion of your feet while exercising your legs and improving circulation.
  5. Contoured Footbed
  6. Mirrors and supports the shape and contours of a healthy foot. The four arches ensure even weight distribution.
  7. Deep Heel Cup
  8. A neutral heel profile and deep heel cup keeps natural padding where it belongs and promotes natural spine alignment.
  9. Shock-Absorbing Sole
  10. Flexible, durable, lightweight, shock resistant and replaceable.
  11. Jute Fibers
  12. Two layers. One wicks away moisture, the other adds strength and makes resoling easy.
  13. Cork Footbed
  14. Firm, resilient cork/natural latex base gives your feet the support they need.
  15. Footbed Liner
  16. Soft suede, which keeps your feet comfortable and dry.

Our staff is here to help fit you properly, for maximum comfort. But be aware, these can take up to a month to break in.

Here’ s a final fun fact: The US Birkenstock Headquarters is located in Novato, CA. It also happens to be where I was born. Birkenstock also closes for lunch every day which is kind of cool and very old fashioned which I seem to appreciate!

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