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Traveling to Europe? Here’s what to pack…

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It’s that time of the year, where many of our customers are planning a trip out of town. 
Quite a few take off for Europe around now.
Are you one of the lucky ones, planning a trip to Europe?
I think one of the most stressful parts of traveling is packing. And more specifically, the planning what to pack.
It’s no secret that our expertise, at Harrison’s, goes beyond the fitting of the shoe.  It’s one of the things I love about being in our town, doing what we do.  Talking with our customers…hearing about what is going on in their lives, and I’ve received more than a few nuggets of information on MANY subjects.  I like to think I have a few helpful tidbits!
But, in all honesty, there are some things we know to be essential – whether you are traveling short distances or very long ones.
  • Compression socks are important no matter what age and physical shape. Those long flights can be grueling. So, when thinking about packing, these socks should be the first thing to make it on your packing list.  BONUS, our Sockwell Socks are nice looking as well.
  • Pack a water bottle. You’ll want something to refill throughout your travel.  Staying hydrated through the flight will go a long way to helping you feeling good when you land.
  • Want to sleep on the plane? Eat light, healthy snacks. This will help your metabolic rest rate.
  • To help with time change, get your body used to local time as soon as you land. This means, stay on your destination city’s time, no matter how tired you may be.
  • What you carry matters. Sherpani just shipped us some great new bags, in various sizes, great colors, and designs. Many of our new Sherpani bags come with RFID blocking, anti-slash straps and zipper locks for security.  Do you know RFID chips have tiny electromagnetic fields, which is what makes them possible to read without having to “initiate” communication? All you need is proximity.  Therefore, these bags block all electromagnetic fields and prevent someone from getting access to your credit card information.
Shoes are one of the most important factors when thinking about travel to Europe.  With uneven cobblestone roads, immense walking distances to see all the great sites you’ve planned to see, you’ll want to pack light but pack well.  depending on what is on your itinerary, different shoes will work for different folks.  Whether you prefer an open sandal, a tennis shoe, or just a comfortable walking shoe, Harrison’s carries it all.  For men AND women!
Start with the airport.  Here you can wear a good slip on.  Men, the Olukai is perfect; breathable, flexible, and has good support.  Ladies- if you want a pair, we have these for you as well.
My advice: if you plan to do any walking, clogs and slip ons are two styles you should stay away from.  Slip ons force your toes to grip as you walk, so you can imagine the pain and damage you will do to your feet.  Therefore, Maryjane style shoes are some of the best styles to wear.  A few other reasons Maryjane’s are a great choice:
~Versatile: dress up or down
~Strap locks heel into the shoe
    Women’s Wolky Passion, Naot Coast, Wolky Gila, Aravon Dolly
    Not feeling the Maryjane?  A lace-up is a great option and does go with shorts, skirts, dresses, as well as pants.
          Women’s Ahnu Emery, Josef Seibel Caspian, Pikolinos Santorini
    Of course, if you are traveling to a warmer climate, or just prefer the open toe shoes, our spring sandals and shoes are rolling in every day.  But honestly, you could even do a lighter weight shoe, such as the Pikolinos, keeping your toes covered to protect them.  Men, we have some great pairs there for you too!
    Women’s Taos Charade and Carousel
    Men’s Ahnu Coburn
    Men’s Pikolinos Santiago
    If you prefer the more athletic look, thinking tennis shoe, try the Ahnu Taraval, which are seam sealed / waterproof.  And then there is our Ziera, which come in wide widths!
    Women’s Ahnu Taraval

     Women’s Ziera All Sports 

    If you are still feeling like you need additional support, we have options!  Over the counter arch supports, especially in this mini size, are easy to pack and easy to slip in and out of just about every shoe you pack.
    So, what is in your bag for this trip?

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