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Walkin' the Dog

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Believe it or not, within a 2-hour drive we have hundreds of great hiking trails and beaches on two different peninsulas and now that summer season is over we can reclaim our trails from the hordes of tourists.

Guess you who loves to hike and hang out at the beach more than me?  My best dog buddy Grover!  Do you take your pup on your hikes?  What are your favorite places? 

Before we head out, we always check out either the Washington Trails Association website and or a great local hike book which includes dog hikes titled Urban Trails Kitsap.  I’m sure there are others but these are plenty by me.

Being able to narrow our search is essential in planning the day- dogs/type of hikes/area, etc., the trails association has an excellent comprehensive site which is super easy to navigate.  The book approach is handy as it’s in your hand and can be taken with should you like to change plans or have a map or information with you should cell service become unreliable (which is kinda’ the point)


Here is the link to our area’s dog-friendly sites and below it the book link:

Urban Trails Kitsap


Being prepared is will certainly eliminate most stresses associated with keeping up with a four-legged animal.   We always bring a collapsible dog dish and should probably look at buying a hiking harness for him as he’s plenty young and strong enough to carry his own food and drink.  For now, though he’s spoiled with just hanging his tongue out and livin’ the good dog life while we keep up and try to pay attention.   Food doesn’t seem to be a big issue but we always bring a bit just in case as well as a few of his favorite salmon snacks.  That’s really all we bring along, keep it simple until we realize otherwise.

More than anything hiking and or taking him swimming at the beach is a fantastic method of just wiping him out which gives us a little peace and quiet at night.  The hike doesn’t even need to be long, just enough to get him in a new unique area to stimulate his little brain and work out his energy.

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