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Why do we love Physical Therapists?

pain physical therapy plantar faciitis support surgery

The most obvious of reasons we like Physical Therapy being that it is crucial to recovery for nearly all physical ailments. Whether PT is done for pre-surgery, as getting into shape is necessary for recovery, or for post-surgery to aid in the healing process, Physical Therapy is essential in successfully recovering from many daily ailments plantar fasciitis being the most apparent, to more serious ailments like total knee and hip surgeries.
Finding the right Physical Therapist can and will make all the difference in the world on your way to a complete and successful recovery. Choose your therapist based on your doctor’s referral as well as referrals from locals and friends.
Equally important: Take the time to listen, assess, and complete recommended treatments. Therapists cannot be with you 24/7. Depending on your issue your dedication to stretches, exercise, and diet can make or break the recovery.
At Harrisons, we know quite a few fantastic Physical Therapists and would recommend most all of them. Of course, there are those Therapists that stand out based not only on excellent results but for their genuine kindness and concern towards your complete and healthy recovery. That goes a long way in their patient’s appreciation of their profession and partnership between the patient and Therapist. Patients need to understand that they are equally responsible for results and should put in the work necessary to succeed based on the high recommendations of a Therapist.
Where does Harrison’s fit into all this?
We commonly receive referrals from Therapists for shoes, insoles and even cute compression socks. Regardless of the activity, a properly fitted and wisely chosen shoe for your particular activity and your unique body’s shape and needs will help to heal injuries faster and prevent further injury. The correct support can immobilize certain parts of the foot for quicker healing and correct cushioning can soften the impact for aggressive walking or running on concrete or other hard surfaces. We also understand the “posting” or support angles which vary in many of the athletic and everyday shoes. The correct angle in a shoe can and will help to properly align ankles, knees, and hips getting you through your stride in a more precise and correct manner taking pressure and stress away from your body. A common mistake made when purchasing technical footwear is to “over correct” on the posting or angles which lead to excessive supination after the shoes wear for a bit creating pressure on the outside of the foot and torquing the angles of the ankles, knees, etc.
A tip when fitting new athletic shoes (we typically check for this without telling you during the fitting process): Look in the mirror at your feet while standing flat in the shoes you’re trying on. You want to see your feet neutral – not rolling in or out with the body weight as neutral in the shoe as possible. Look up the line of the leg and check out the knee angle. How neutral is the knee angle, does the knee look stressed? You’ll notice these angles change from shoe to shoe as you try them on. Of course, perfection is nearly impossible, but we can help immensely with placing you in the proper fitted and angled shoe to help with your often unique and occasionally complicate body issues.
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