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Why wear Merrell as an everyday shoe?

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Hey!  Chris here - Happy New Year!

Over the holiday’s my family and I were out and about, enjoying some outdoor stuff – you know, the typical NW weekend warrior type stuff.  Hiking, running, climbing mountains…just kidding about that last part.  But, me being in the shoe businesses, I naturally look at what people wear…all the time, what they wear to work, out walking, on the ferry, etc. Of course, styles vary from state to state and region to region.

The thing about our NW lifestyle, is we are all about comfort.  Yes, most of us care about a good-looking shoe, but comfort is paramount.  And this got me thinking about Merrell

Let me tell you; Merrell’s aren’t just another pretty face.  It’s true that these shoes, across the board, are good-looking.  But when most people think of Merrell’s, they imagine a hiking boot – big, thick, over the ankle style boot.  But Merrell’s are so much more! 

Merrell’s are a LIFESTYLE BRAND.  Moreover, they started as a hiking brand and have evolved into a brand which offers many categories of product from sandals to boots while always staying true to their core of great hikers and as a functional product.

Enter the Vibram sole, the largest sole manufacturer in the world, made to grip like no-one’s business wet or dry, which we need here in the Seattle area.  And the Gore-Tex membrane works against the rain seeping in as well as keeping you dry while hiking, walking the dog and commuting.  With an array of styles – in both men’s and women’s, sporting the comfort and support that all the ‘hiking’ Merrell’s have, these are a brand to wear any day and every day.



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