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Yes, You Are Allowed to Wear Running Shoes Even if You Aren't a Runner!

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Did you know running shoes are possibly our top selling product group in our store? 

And yet...we sell very few of these to actual runners. For many of our customers, the best walking shoe is a high-quality running shoe. 

The running shoe effectively works to guide the foot through its stride in a neutral manner spreading the weight load and pressure evenly along the foot. Running shoes are distinct in comparison to other shoes in that they create a rocker motion in the front of the shoe which creates an easier transition through the end of the stride.

Running shoes are bio-mechanically engineered and loaded with high tech cushions and stiff stabilizing plastics that - yes - help enormously with running, but also with walking.
Makes sense right?

Just like our customers - each of our running and walking shoes are just a little bit different and those small differences can make a huge impact on their comfort.

We sell primarily Brooks and New Balance product in these categories, and the variances between the fit of the forefoot, heel counters and even the depth of the midfoot will make a significant difference in how the product functions for each unique customer. 

Proper fit and matching shapes of shoes to our customers feet is essential to what we do. Additionally, we like to observe our customers stance and observe foot, ankle and knee angles.

Many times we’ll perform this quick once-over without mentioning it - a proper observation, along with a few targeted questions often leads our customers to the promised land of a divine footwear encounter.

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