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Shoes for Walking

We love the product because Wolky makes sound, thoughtful, anatomically correct products. This gives the lady traveling, or working all day, the comfort and look she wants, to both feel good walking and feel great about how she looks in her shoes or sandals.

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A Note From Chris

We choose the athletic product based on a number of factors. Function, Fit and Ingredients are key elements of the product that we seek out.

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These Feet Are Made For Walking

What happens when we don’t pay attention to our bodies? They fail us. We constantly hear: workout, eat right, wear sunscreen…but honestly, we rarely hear anything in the news about feet care. Well, it’s not a sexy topic…and many feet, ok, all feet just aren’t sexy. But boy do they take us places!

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Happy 2016!

Time to ring in the New Year. A new year brings resolutions, fresh starts, a sense of excitement in wondering what 2016 might bring.  May this year bring joy, peace and laughter. Here's your #1 Resolution: Be More Awesome Than Last Year.  

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Fall Trails

hiking nature running trail running

“If you see me passed out on the trail, pause my Garmin.”  ~Unknown  Fall is officially here.  While some trees are bare, others show the orange, red, brown hues distinct to the chill in the air.  For many, this is the best time of year to run, trail run, to be precise. Getting out on the trail; the cold, crisp air in your lungs, the peace nature provides, the only sound being your shoes hitting the dirt, your heart pounding, and maybe a bird or two cheering you on.  Have you had the pleasure?  Maybe not? Did you know: trail...

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