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Race Season is here

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While there isn’t an official race season, per-se, runs around the Country are ramping up.  Races are big-business. Maybe you run a 5k at best, or maybe you prefer the half-marathons.  Either way, choosing the clothing that will be the most comfortable to run in, for wicking sweat, movement, and posibly peeling off when too many layers have been worn, choosing the right sock, and choosing the best shoe will make all the difference in how you train and ultimately race. Now, we may not be the experts in the clothing part, but we at Harrison’s can tell you a...

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Ever Wonder What Those Pesky Shoe and Foot Terms Mean?

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Wading through all the shoe terms floating around these days can be daunting.  And while we are here to help explain what each of the terms means to each and every pair we carry (and yes, we have extensive knowledge outside of what we carry), sometimes it’s nice to have a tool to reference.  So, here we’re providing you with just that… (hint: There are so many more than what we provide to you below.  Please feel free to ask us if there are other terms you’ve heard and would like to know what exactly it means for the shoe,...

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Know how your shoes should fit

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A proper shoe fit. That’s for the experts, right? Well, yes, partly.  We know how the shoe ought to fit, feel, and what “should” be your correct size.  But, there is so much more to a shoe and getting it to work for you.  Being that every foot has a unique shape, and with all the new terminology out there regarding cushion, support, stability, and the trendy marketing tech terms which align with those terminologies can mean so many different things to so many different people.  For these reasons, walking into a store like ours with the know-how behind the...

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Shopping for shoes with wide feet

Looking for the right pair of great shoes in a size wide?  Look for soft, moldable material.  Softer leathers will be more forgiving and form to your foot at a quicker pace than thicker stiff leathers.   For more help, we have sprays and stretchers that will help soften and form the material to your unique foot at a quicker and more tailored manner.   A stiffer leather can be more durable but just takes a bit more softening, we commonly soften shoes for our customers, so don’t be afraid to ask if a shoe is just a bit too tight and...

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Welcome 2018

new year NYE traditions

  2017 has been quite the year for Harrison’s.  New faces, new brands…great friends and fantastic customers. There are so many stories we hear, of great New Year’s Traditions… Nothing like bundling up around a bonfire, in these cold evenings Enjoying the fireworks with thousands of strangers Watching classics with your family, then ringing in the new year early watching the ball drop in New York Fine dining across the water, among all the holiday lights, and exploring the big city… Or, one of my favorites, strapping on my boots and taking a New Year’s hike! What are your favorite...

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